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All orders are subject to management approval.

All sales are final unless otherwise indicated.

All orders require a 50% deposit and the balance will have to be paid in full prior to delivery. As this contract is irrevocable once signed, if you, as buyer, fail to comply with the terms of this contract, your deposit will be forfeited.
Once a special order has been placed with us it cannot be cancelled.

Floor samples, clearance and sale merchandise are sold as is and have to be paid in full at time of order placement. There will be no refunds, store credits or exchanges on these items.

PLAZA DESIGN may, in the exercise of its discretion, authorize a return of merchandise sold, provided that, such merchandise (i) has not been used, (ii) is in its original package, and (iii) is accompanied by a sales receipt.
PLAZA DESIGN may, in the exercise of its discretion and in lieu of cancellation of purchase, issue store credit.
Any returned checks will have a minimum charge of $25.00


PLAZA DESIGN will pass onto you the manufacturer’s guarantees for the products purchased. PLAZA DESIGN does not in any event make any warranties on the purchased products. The buyer agrees to assert all applicable warranties solely against the manufacturer of the products purchased.

In the event that special order items arrive with damages caused by freight or factory defects, PLAZA DESIGN will fix it or replace it depending on the damage, but there will be no refunds or store credits.


We can only quote an estimate delivery time on special orders this estimated time will be based on the standard manufacturer’s time and information and is not guaranteed.

Once the product is received, PLAZA DESIGN will schedule a convenient delivery time with the buyer.

For out of county deliveries, PLAZA DESIGN will recommend a freight company that will be able to ship the merchandise. This shipping will be done only after PLAZA DESIGN receives authorization from the buyer and he will assume the freight cost before the items are shipped out. For these special shipments, responsibility for the merchandise relies solely on the freight company.

The buyer must have the space ready for delivery and assembly. Please note the size and dimension of the merchandise at the time of ordering and make sure everything will fit in the designated room as well as entrance passages. If delivery to the designated room involves minimum maneuverability because of narrow halls, doorways or stairways, etc, we cannot be responsible for any damage that could result in attempting placement. 

Some pieces require specialized assembly.
Assembly solely means putting furniture together and excludes any wall mounting or any attachment to any part of the site. PLAZA DESIGN will not install wall shelves, mirrors, frames and lamps.
Our technicians are not authorized to move anything (TV, stereo or other furniture).

If your home is not accessible to our trucks we will transport the merchandise to the nearest accessible point and will be your responsibility to provide means of transportation to the truck to your home.

There will be no refunds or exchanges in merchandise that has been picked up by the customer.


PLAZA DESIGN is not responsible for damages caused by deliveries done directly by the buyer.

Wooden products are natural products and are sold as is. Natural knots, color and grain differences along with any other natural variations shall not entitle the buyer to refuse the goods.

If a defective product constitutes only part of the contract, the buyer shall not be entitle to refuse and must accept the remaining of the pieces.

If it becomes necessary to enforce any terms or conditions of this contract, the buyer agrees to pay all costs including reasonable attorney and court fees. Copies, facsimiles or e-mail copies of this contract shall be considered as original documents.

Once this contract is signed it becomes irrevocable. It cannot be cancelled.

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